Sidewalk Confetti

Sidewalk Confetti became part of the heart of downtown Kansas City walkways from May through September 2006 as a temporary public art commission. It was a walking path of images, a meandering trail of Kansas City people and places that segued a three block corridor along Central Avenue from 9th Street to 12th Street. Pedestrians became an interactive part of the work by walking on the path and by stopping to examine the photographs. The presence of the image laden trail was intended to be a reminder that walkways are important not only as links to destinations but as connections for each of us to the other. In cities such as Kansas City where homes and roads are spread for miles, parking the car in favor of walking has the potential to breed spontaneous engagements---it is an affordable opportunity to tune in to the vibrancy of the city. Within the context of brief encounters there is value to be found when making eye contact as are one or two or three word bits of conversation; they are unplanned meetings that can recall our humanity and remind us we are not depersonalized moving objects.

Sidewalk Confetti was funded by Avenue of the Arts Foundation and co-sponsored by the Kansas City Municipal Art Commission, the Downtown Council, DST and 360 Architecture.

Sidewalk Confetti (pdf)